Minutes E.B. Crawford Public Library Board of Trustees

April 17, 2014 – Approved May 15, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Bob Norris. 

In attendance:  Joe Fowler, Marcia Raponi, Steve Sharoff, Terry Epstein, Bob Norris & Lynn Skolnick & Mary Paige Lang-Clouse and Joanna Goldfarb.  Absent:  Connie Keller.

Motion was made by Joe Fowler to accept the minutes of March 13, 2014 as presented   2nd by Lynn Skolnick; passed unanimously.

Approval of Bills to be Paid.  Motion made by Marcia Raponi to pay all April 2014 bills as presented  2nd by Lynn Skolnick; passed unanimously after voucher approval that includes sign off on each voucher by a member of the audit committee (Lynn Skolnick)

Public Comment – n/a

Committee Reports – Strategic Plan was submitted by Mary Paige.  The Plan will be revisited every 3 years and necessary revisions will update the Plan.  Lynn moved to table approval of such until May 15th at next board meeting.

Joanna discussed the Battle of the Books.  Our team came in first place.  The books were selected by librarians.  Five books were read & the team had only two months to prepare for the Battle.  The Board is extremely proud of their efforts and Joanna and Peggy were thanked for their efforts and the hard work they did with the Battle group that lead to them doing so well.

Director’s Report - See attached.  

Staff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29th.  Grace Riario from RCLS will be doing some staff training.  The library will open late that day.

The Policy Committee needs to meet again.

A CTAP (Career Transition Assistance Program) flyer has been sent out & posted.  It will be sent to BOCES.

Mary Paige will talk to the bookkeeper about changing the date she comes in to better accommodate the board meeting schedule & check approval & signing.

Having no further business, Joe Fowler moved to adjourn the meeting.  Steve 2nd; passed unanimously.

The next trustee meeting will be Thursday, May 15th.