Minutes E.B. Crawford Public Library Board of Trustees

June 9, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM by President Bob Norris.

In Attendance: Bob Norris, Joe Fowler, Steve Sharoff, Lynn Skolnick, Connie Keller, Terry Epstein,  Mary Paige Lang-Clouse (director)

Absent: Marcia Raponi

There was no public comment.

Mary Paige discussed the grant which Lynn volunteered to help her with.  Lynn wrote 2 resolutions (see attached hand out).  Joe Fowler moved to propose the resolutions.  Steve Sharoff seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Mary Paige suggested the ‘Internet Only’ card be charged $3.00 and summer library cards be raised to $26.  The board agrees in the fee changes.

C.F.A. –possible construction grants to pursue. 

The grant is due Monday.  (New York Main Street Program)  The grant is available for building and renovations.  We are prepared to fund through our capital reserves, but is not prudent at this time which necessitates the grant.  While the submission is due Monday, the state will approve in the Fall before the elections.  The disadvantage is that we have so much available

The Empire Project might be a better fit for our needs.

We discussed being prepared with add-alternates.  Renovations are fraught with unexpected findings.  It might behoove us to have a deduct alternate document.  We need a list of add alternates in order to know what we’re cutting or putting in if funding allows.

We would like DASNY to give us indemnification.  This third informal bidding process might open us up to exposure from potentially dissatisfied bidders.

Grants - we will focus on both : $250,000 for Main Street and $150, 000 from Empire

            The reissued specs must be itemized.

            Priority Project - separate application

            The more letters of support, the better it’ll (the grants) be.

            Business Plan?

            Market Strategies? or Market Analysis

            Mission Statement?



Having no further business Steve Sharoff moved to adjourn.



Submitted by Terry Epstien