Minutes E.B. Crawford Public Library Board of Trustees

May 15, 2014        6:00 PM


Connie Keller, Joe Fowler, Marcia Raponi, Bob Norris, Lynn Skolnick, Mary Paige Lang-Clouse (director)



Terry Epstein, Steven Sharoff


Meeting was called to order by Bob Norris at 6:02 PM.


Minutes of the April 17 -  moved by Marcia Raponi, seconded by Joe Fowler.  Passed unanimously.


Minutes of May – Connie Keller moved, Marcia Raponi seconded – passed unanimously


Voucher – approved


Ordering bills paid – motion – Marcia Raponi, seconded Lynn Skolnick – passed unanimously.


Director’s Report – see attached

            Roof repaired

            Paul Berens will do handy jobs.

            Furnace good for now.

            Staff meeting held – building  esprit d’cor


            Mary Paige pursuing additional grant opportunities.


Old Business – notes on Strategic Plan


New Business – none


Next meeting June 19, 2014


Move to adjourn Joe Fowler, seconded Marcia Raponi


Submitted by Lynn Skolnick