Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2014 – Approved Sept 18, 2014


Present:           Joe Fowler, Connie Keller, Lynn Skolnick, Terry Epstein, Marcia Raponi & Mary Paige Lang-Clouse


Absent:            Steve Sharoff


Lynn Skolnick, Vice President of the Board, called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


The Vice-President called for a moment of silence in memory of Bob Norris, who passed away August 7th


Joe Fowler moved to accept the minutes of July 17, 2014 as amended; Connie Keller seconded. Motion was passed unanimously.


Vouchers were audited by Marcia Raponi.  Marcia moved to pay all bills presented.  Connie seconded.  Bills were ordered paid.


The Strategic Plan will be sent to all board members.


Terry moved to accept the policy recommendations for health insurance.  Second by Marcia.  Passed unanimously.


Joe Fowler moved to accept the 2015 library budget:  $1,106,379.00.  Second by Terry Epstein.  Passed unanimously.


Joe Fowler moved to accept the Tax Cap Override Resolution as stated below:


Tax Cap Override Resolution


Whereas, the adoption of the 2015 budget for the E.B. Crawford Public Library requires a tax levy increase that exceeds the tax cap imposed by state law as outlined in General Municipal Law Section 3-c adopted in 2011; and

Whereas, General Municipal Law Section 3-e expressly permits the library board to override the tax levy limit by a resolution approved by a vote of sixty percent of qualified board members; now therefore be it

Resolved, that the Board of Trustees of the E.B. Crawford Public Library voted and Approved to exceed the tax levy limit for 2015 by at least sixty percent of the board of trustees as required by state law on August 21, 2014.

Second by Connie Keller.  Passed unanimously by the 5 board members present.


Director’s Report

Problems with roof leaking alongside stairwell continue.  Taggart has not yet adequately repaired this leak.


Summer programs are going well; attendance fluctuates by topic


Banned Books Week Celebration – Saturday September 27th – Continuous Read-Aloud.  Project shared with the Monticello Rotary Club; they may partner with us on this.


Mary Paige & Lynn attended de-scoping meeting with DASNY and Arris folks in Albany.  Drawings and plans were reviewed with contractor and the subject of change orders was broached.


Mary Paige met with Dave Lounsbury from Black Bear to discuss the efficiencies of an electrical heat pump system for the new building with photo-voltaic panels on the roof.


Old Business:


Lynn discussed the statistics included in the 2013 RCLS Statistics.  She recommended looking at where we stand alongside comparably sized (by population) libraries (us 18,358):  Cornwall (16,841), Goshen (18,063) & Port Jervis (17,498). 


Appreciation was expressed by trustees to the Goldfarb/Rados family for all their assistance during recent Friends events – the recent book sale on the library lawn & the Friends table at the Bagel Fest.


New Business


Construction Mobilization at 479 Broadway tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 2nd.  MP to confirm with DASNY.


Our Bylaws provide for Lynn, as V.P., to move into the position of President due to Bob’s passing.


Lynn Skolnick moved to name the community room in the new library in honor of Bob Norris.  Second by Marcia.  Passed unanimously.


There was a discussion of placing a resolution in the newspaper in Bob’s honor as follows:





In Memory of

Robert Douglas Norris

March 15, 1948 – August 7, 2014

WHEREAS, the residents of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library District have been grieved by the passing of one of our present trustees who served with honor and dignity, a respected citizen of the community; and


WHEREAS, Robert Douglas Norris had served the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library as a member of the board of trustees from 1991 through 2014 and the president of that board during those same years; and


WHEREAS, during his period of service he had diligently performed his duties and always exhibited those qualities essential as a public servant; and


WHEREAS, Robert Douglas Norris had the respect and admiration of all who worked or who became associated with him, and always conducted himself with dignity, honor and kindness toward his fellow man and for the welfare of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library; and


WHEREAS, he has earned the affection of a host of area residents who were proud to call him “friend,” and his dedication to the best interests of the community has won the high regard of all who knew him; and


WHEREAS, his death leaves our community with a deep feeling of sorrow for the loss of such and honored and respected citizen;


NOW, THERFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library expresses its most sincere sympathy at the passing of Robert Douglas Norris on August 7, 2014, and extends its condolences to his family, and in respect of his memory cause this Resolution to be a part of the official minutes of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library.


By Order of the Board of Trustees,


                                                                                    Terry Epstein, Trustee

                                                                                    Joseph Fowler, Trustee

                                                                                    Connie Keller, Trustee

                                                                                    Mary Paige Lang-Clouse, Director

                                                                                    Marcia Raponi, Trustee

                                                                                    Steven Sharoff, Trustee

                                                                                    Lynn Skolnick, Trustee


The board discussed the appointment of someone to fill Bob’s position.  It will be discussed further at the September meeting. 


Joe Fowler moved to adjourn at 7:25; seconded by Connie Keller. The meeting was adjourned. 


Next regular meeting is September 18, 2014, at 6:00 pm.