Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2014 – APPROVED – November 20, 2014


Present:            Connie Keller, Joe Fowler, Lynn Skolnick, Terry Epstein, Marcia Raponi & Mary Paige Lang-Clouse & Jim Monroe, DASNY

Absent: Steve Sharoff


Lynn Skolnick, President of the Board, called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


Joe Fowler moved to accept the minutes of September 18, 2014; Connie Keller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Vouchers were audited by Steve Sharoff.  Marcia Raponi moved to pay all bills presented.  Terry seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Handwritten check presented – (NYS Health Insurance) was ok’d.


Jim Monroe addressed the board:


ADA compliant doors at the East elevation.  Two sets of double doors on automatic operators, open out (3 sets of paddles located to allow door to open fully).

  1. Contractor costs assigned to add backs were reviewed.  In order to manage cost we are proposing that just the central section on the East façade be brick with the areas along either side of the brick in hardiboard.
  2. Carpet changes in children’s room will be added back.
  3. Changing tables also came in below projected cost.

5.   Windows are fixed panel above the double East doors because of the atrium.  Jim expects the costs to decrease.  No windows on the South façade.  To revisit with Arris.

  1. Electric hand dryers (ADA compliant) in all the bathrooms (none were in last bid set of documents).  Expect that costs quoted by Arris are high because of associated wiring.

8.   Generator infrastructure will be done.

12. Jim will inquire about the parking lot.

17.  Specialty ceiling in the community room – qquotes requested for a different mid-range product to keep costs down.  The grid will be tegular and not visible.  Jim will get a sample for this.


CARRS Report

The hours DASNY is billing EBCPL.  Budgeted numbers were not previously included.  DASNY is set to come in either below or at costs projected.


PSR:  Project Status Report  (see attached) – absolute accounting of where were are $ wise.


Committee Reports

Policy committee needs to meet dividing the sections of the policy manual for review to then present section by section at board meetings for approval of revisions.


Directors Report – attached.


Before the end of 2014 the Board we will identify funds to be put back into a dedicated Capital Fund – as per BW&W.


Joe Fowler suggested inviting the newly elected trustee – Sari Rosenheck – to the next trustee meeting.


The Board needs to appoint someone to assume Bob’s vacant seat on the board.  Marcia moved to ask Marvin Rappaport. Terry seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


The next meeting is November 20th at 6 p.m.  Connie moved to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.  Seconded by Marcia.  Passed unanimously.